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Animal Clinic of La Porte

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About Us

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About Animal Clinic of La Porte

Caring & Compassionate Healthcare for Your Pets

Animal Clinic of La Porte has provided outstanding veterinary care since 1989. Our veterinary team provides caring, comprehensive medical services for your cats and dogs.

We approach your pet’s health with the utmost compassion and attention to detail to ensure they live their happiest, healthiest life by your side. Our goal is to ensure they spend many healthy years by your side.

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Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Happy, Healthy Pets

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited practice, Animal Clinic of La Porte meets the highest standards of veterinary care in the United States. Our team does everything we can to ensure your pet receives the best care with every service. We are open six days a week to help accommodate your busy schedule.

We are proud to offer a range of services to cover all aspects of your pet’s health.

Every service at Animal Clinic of La Porte is performed with the utmost care and we hold ourselves to rigorous standards. We know that your cats and dogs are an important member of your family and deserve the highest quality care we can provide. We’ll treat your pet as if they’re part of our own family, with respect and attention to detail. Our goal is to help your pet live a long, healthy life by your side.

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Contributing To A World Of Happy, Healthy Pets!

We will do all we can to serve you and your pet.

AAHA-Accredited Hospitals: Champions for Excellent Care

Animal Clinic of La Porte is an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital. That means we have achieved and are accountable to higher standards of care.

Pets are our passion. And keeping them healthy is our #1 priority. Here, we strive to deliver excellent care for pets. Because your pets deserve nothing less.

Learn more about AAHA accreditation and why our accreditation is important to you and your pet.

Visit ‘Why Accreditation Matters’.